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First Awi language film ‘Antagu’ released after year-long production

Addis Abeba – The first-ever film in the Awi language, titled “Antagu,” has been released after more than a year of production, according to state broadcaster, ETV. The film’s premiere at the Awi Cultural hall in Injibara town, in Awi administrative zone in the Amhara regional state was attended by government officials, renowned artists, and various dignitaries on Thursday.

Directed and acted by Desalegn Mekuria, “Antagu” showcases the vibrant culture, history, and language of the Awi people. In his speech at the launch, Engda Dagnew, the chief administrator of the Awi people, commended the filmmakers for their efforts in creating a film that informs the world about the zone’s rich heritage.

Desalegn Mekuria, the writer of the film, expressed his enthusiasm and revealed the challenges faced during the production process, emphasizing that it was the first time a film had ever been made in the Awi language. Despite the abundance of Awi language writings and songs, the absence of a film had been notable until now.

The launch of “Antagu” marks a significant step forward in promoting the Awi language, history, and culture, contributing to the preservation of indigenous languages and the celebration of diverse communities. AS

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