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Global aid workers and development professionals gathered in Addis Abeba

Devex, the media platform that connects aid workers and development professionals around the world, will host its largest regional event, the International Development Partnerships and Career Forum, in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia from October 21- 22.
According to Devex, development aid is increasingly being directed locally: more decisions are made locally and more projects are implemented by local organizations and professionals. “Furthering this trend requires partnerships between international aid organizations and local ones,” a statement from Devex said, adding as partnership becomes increasingly critical to maximizing success and development impact, the Devex Forum will connect key stakeholders from around the world and throughout East Africa.

Raj Kumar, Devex President and Editor-in-Chief, said, “Addis is an ideal place to discuss the future of global development. Devex is excited to bring the forum to this vibrant city and to expand our relationships with organizations and development professionals who are driving development across East Africa.”

The Devex Forum will bring together more than 25 of the world’s largest international organizations including government donor agencies, NGOs and international corporations, over 100 vetted local organizations and over 200 locally based development professionals from the East Africa region.

Event partners will contribute expertise, including case studies and practical knowledge about project implementation. Devex Forums offer an opportunity to engage in person, but also are a unique moment that can spark a broader conversation and drive progress within the development community.

Devex is a membership organization delivering business information and recruiting services to the international development community, connecting 500,000 relief and development professionals to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas, and enabling them to have more impact for more people.

Devex Forums have been previously hosted in various development hubs around the world including Brussels, London, Nairobi, Manila and Washington D.C.

Cover Photo: A scene from the first Partnerships Forum in Manila Devex hosted on June 10
Photo by: Wilson Q. Tan / Devex

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