GSU Launch Operation Against Ethiopia Militia

The GSU (General Service Unit) personnel have launched an operation along the Kenya-Ethiopia border following the killing of ten fishermen during a raid by militiamen from the neighboring country. The government deployed more than 150 GSU and other police officers near Todonyang where the latest attack occurred.

“We have instructed the security teams to deal with the militiamen and ensure they are out of Kenyan territory,” said Kibish DC Eric Wanyonyi, who led a security team during a visit to areas attacked by the militiamen. He said they have given the Ethiopian authorities an ultimatum to return boats stolen during the raid at Todonyang where hundreds of people have also fled from their homes.

Wanyonyi said six people were missing following the attack which occurred near the shores of Lake Turkana. The raid occurred near the area where four Kenya Police Reservists were killed last week. Turkana Senator John Munyes said the government should deploy the military in the area to deal with the attacks. “This is the third attack in a short span of time. We are very angry that Kenyans are being killed and the government is doing very little to intervene and protect them,” said Munyes in Eldoret town.

More security officers were being sent to the area where tensions remained high. Munyes asked Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku to ensure the government deploys the military along the border areas.

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