Meeting in Ethiopia calls for multi-sectoral approach to Ebola response

An information sharing and working session on Ebola highlighted on Monday on the need for multi-sectoral approach at the African Union (AU) Headquarters here.

The Meeting jointly organized by AU and international agencies was meat to provide situational and operational updates from health experts, vividly exploring the successes and challenges since the outbreak and share instruments and mechanisms to enhance preparedness and response to health related disasters in Africa.

Olawale Maiyegun, AU Commissioner for Social Affairs, underlined the need to step up joint efforts to address the crisis.

Diplomats from the four affected countries provided the updates and measures against the epidemic while others expressed solidarity to contribute share to the endeavors in response to the epidemic.

The WHO called for implementation of enhanced surveillance for viral hemorrhagic fevers and strengthened cross-border collaboration and coordination.

The deadly disease has so far affected four West African nations, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria with reports of more than 1,000 deaths including health care workers since the outbreak in March.


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