No U.S. Federal Aviation Administration warning for Ethiopia

There has been no recent FAA warning for flights in or out of Ethiopia.  The FAA flight prohibition (SFAR 87 of May 162000) pertaining to Northern Ethiopia predates the June 18, 2000 cessation of hostilities between Ethiopia and Eritrea and has not been updated subsequently.  The FAA advisory (KFDC A0012/97) pertaining to Ethiopia/Kenya dates to 2002, a statement from the US embassy in Addis Abeba said.

News that first appeared on Eturbonews and was reposted by Addis Standard and others claimed “US FAA issues strongest aviation warnings for Ukraine, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia”. Accordingly, the news stated that “flight operations are prohibited in Ethiopian airspace north of 12 degrees latitude. The FAA also warns that Ethiopian forces may fire upon aircraft crossing into Ethiopian airspace from northeastern Kenya.”

“Neither the FAA flight prohibition nor the FAA advisory was issued after Flight MH 17 was shot down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, as some media outlets have erroneously reported,” Both the Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No. 87 and the FAA advisory apply only to U.S. air carriers or commercial operators.


Ed’s Note: we apologize for the erroneous news reposted on this website and have subsequently retracted the item  

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