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Tanzania to dispatch peacekeeping troops in South Sudan

Tanzania’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Bernard Membe said on Thursday March 27 that Tanzania was keen and ready to send Tanzania People’s Defense Force (TPDF) troops to South Sudan to promote peace and stability and support peace- building efforts at the behest of the United Nations.

He told journalists that the impressive performance and dedication shown last year by Tanzanian troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo had encouraged the UN to request the Government to send to join the UN Peacekeeping force in South Sudan. Mr. Membe said Tanzania could be a principal player in strengthening and enhancing peacekeeping and peace building efforts in the region. He also emphasized that the country was committed to support efforts to resolve conflicts in neighboring states. He noted that Tanzanian troops had been involved in peace-keeping operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan (Darfur), Lebanon and now in South Sudan. He said the size of the force sent to South Sudan would be similar to the 1,283 troops sent to the Congo where they had been exerting efforts to restore peace and security over the past year.

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