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Venezuelan Ambassador to Ethiopia denounces ‘US intervention’ in his country

Says it is an ‘ongoing coup attempt”


The Venezuelan Embassy in Addis Abeba denounced today what it calls an “ongoing coup attempt” and “US interference” and accused the United States of trying to forcefully change the democratically elected Venezuelan government. According to the Embassy a plot threatening the country’s democracy and stability was unveiled by its security apparatus.


“The plot, known as ‘Operation Jericho’ involved a group of active and retired military officers and comprised a plan to bomb the Presidential Palace, the seats of the Judicial and Legislative branches, the headquarters of the multi-state television station, teleSUR” among other targets reads the press release provided by the Embassy.

“This is not just outrageous; it is against international laws,” said the Venezuelan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Luis Mariano Joubertt Mata this morning speaking to journalists. “We have abundant evidence about this and we want the world to know.”

The Ambassador further explained the Venezuelan National Constitution allows for the public to expel office holders even in the middle of their term. “After two and half years in office the public can oust their leaders by calling for referendum. President [Nikolas] Maduro has stayed two years in office. So if there is a genuine public discontentment, [the protesters] could wait for six more months and raise their voices then.”

After the death of the late outspoken President Hugo Chavez, who passed away exactly two years ago yesterday, Maduro, who had been his second in command, won the election held on May 2013 by narrow margin to remain in his Presidential Palace. However, in the Municipal elections held after the presidential elections, the ruling Partido Socialista Union de Venezuela (PSUV) “has won 76 per cent of all the voting seats. So we are gaining momentum,” said the Ambassador.

Protestors in various cities in Venezuela have been demonstrating against the incumbent and demanding change.   On Wednesday this week rotests flared in different parts of the coutnry, a day after a policeman shot dead a teenager during a demonstration against President Nicolas Maduro’s government in the volatile city of San Cristobal.

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