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Worldhotels enters into Sub-Saharan Africa

The international hotel group announces strategic partnership with the
Azalaï Hotels Group

Worldhotels expands into Africa by joining forces with the Azalaï Hotels Group – the first African private hotel chain in West Africa. As part of the agreement, six Azalaï Hotels in Burkina Faso, Benin, Mali and Guinea-Bissau have joined Worldhotels’ global network of almost 500 hotels worldwide, taking advantage of the group’s 360° solution, which offers everything from technology to branding. Additional properties in Nouakchott, Abidjan and Dakar are anticipated to join Worldhotels’ portfolio when they open their doors in 2015 and 2016.

“Worldhotels sees great potential in Sub-Saharan Africa – a region that is marked by substantial economic growth, which has translated into a rising tourism industry. Both business and leisure travel are accelerating and local hotel operators are increasingly looking for international partners to enhance their global exposure, without having hard standards imposed upon them” Worldhotels said in a statement.

The partnership with the Azalaï Hotels Group marks a first and important step in Worldhotels’ strategic intention to expand into Africa, and the group is looking for further opportunities within the market.

Worldhotels’ distinctive range of business offerings, which are tailored to meet the needs of private hotel operators whilst allowing full operational freedom, was the reason why Mossadeck Bally, founder and CEO of Azalaï Hotels, selected the group as the preferred international partner for his hotels: “Besides offering us their classic affiliation model, Worldhotels also provided us with a technology-only solution for some of our hotels, which doesn’t require any dedicated sales or marketing support. For our pipeline projects we particularly trust in Worldhotels’ global exposure and 360° services to help us strengthen our position in the international market.”

“Azalaï Hotels stand for authentic African hospitality and we are genuinely proud to join forces with this locally and internationally recognized group”, comments Kristin Intress, CEO of Worldhotels. “Our strategic partnership is an important milestone, enabling us to accelerate our mutual growth and strengthen our brand positioning. We are particularly glad to expand the Worldhotels network to new destinations in the aspiring sub-Saharan market, offering our guests a greater selection of authentic hotels worldwide.”

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