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#ASDailyScoop: Somali state SF chief, ENDF senior officers visit border town Elbarde, asses security works to prevent threats from al-Shabaab

Commander of Somail State Special Forces and ENDF senior military officials visiting border town Elbarde. Picture: Somali Fast info.

Addis Abeba – Mohammed Ahmed, Commander of the Somali Regional State Special Forces, and senior officers comprised of members of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) visited Elbarde, a border town between Somali state and the Federal Republic of Somalia, on Tuesday 05 April.

According to Somali Fast Info, the purpose of the visit was to assess the security situation in the area and to strengthen the capabilities of the Somali State Special Forces, as well as to monitor the ongoing security operations against the Al-Shabaab militant group in the border town of Elbarde.

Furthermore, visiting military officials stated that the visit was aimed at strengthening the works of security and stability along the border with neighboring countries. The Somali Regional State Special Forces are securing the border to thwart infiltrators of Al-Shabaab, a militant group active in Somalia, as well as taking military measures against the group in border areas of eastern part of Ethiopia, the portal said. AS

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