Clearing the air

Following the unfortunate misunderstanding which led to Ato Ermyas Amelga, Chairman and CEO of Access Real Estate Services S.C. – ARE, being temporarily detained, he has now been released after the case against him was dismissed a short time later. 

The facts behind the dismissed case were related to a check held by an ARE payee which had been inaccurately marked returned due to insufficient funds when it should have been indicated that although sufficient funds existed to cover the check they had already been committed for other purposes.  While that in itself is certainly not a desirable situation, it is more the result of normal working conditions where numerous checks are routinely issued on a daily basis against multiple accounts, rather than anything else.  And this is in fact the same determination investigators reached in short order, consequently dropping the charges against Ato Ermyas.  He has now returned to his duties at ARE.

ARE remains committed to upholding its obligations to its customers and will in the coming weeks provide further information on near term developments that will progressively move its business plans ahead.

ARE Press release.

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