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Ethiopia charges ten for attacks against members of Defense Forces

Charges were brought against 10 suspected members of the so called Benishangul People’s Liberation Movement (BPLM), a terrorist group, for carrying out armed guerilla attacks on members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, passengers and different members of the public.


The suspects, Abdulwahab Mehadi(in absentia), Abdurahman Nasir (in absentia), Surafel Jimma, Yasir Dubale, Imam Abdurazak according to the public prosecutor allegedly conspired to commit crimes and advanced a separatist agenda of separating Benishangul from the Federation.

It was alleged that the suspects were sponsored by the Eritrean Regime and had received various military and political trainings. They planned and prepared to carry out terrorist attacks in Ethiopia and mobilized to exert pressure by attacking political and economic institutions in Benishangul.
The public prosecutor accused Abdulwahab Mehadi establishing the terrorist group eight years ago and serving as the group’s leader giving direction to its members. Defendants listed from third to sixth were accused of travelling to a camp in Eritrea known as Agere to receive military training.

Abdulwahab Mehadi was also accused of giving orders to kill individuals working at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and other Ethiopians residing in the region and threatening them to leave the area.

In an incident that took place last year at the main road linking Asosa, the Regional State’s capital, with Sherqole, the defendants launched a guerilla attack on members of the Ethiopian Defense Forces at a place called Bulfadto. At the 30 minutes gun battle that ensued, Haron Hamiz and Elias Abdela died and defendants listed from fourth to sixth were put under custody after fleeing to an area called Dema Zin.

The Federal Court’s 19th Bench issued a call for the first two defendants on newspapers to be present in the next court hearing. The court ordered the remaining defendants to present their objections to the charges and adjourned to March 19, 2015.

Source – FBC

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