Ethiopia – gateway to Africa

Dear Editor,

 Horn of Africa has a remarkable potential in agriculture that will possibly fill looming worldwide food crises. The UN has to devote and facilitate its programs designed to feed the universe as its major challenges in the 21st century. Ethiopia, the largest and notably the most prosperous state in the Horn of Africa, has ample scope in varied sectors to empower FDI especially in agro and allied industries. Focusing on services and real estate business pose a major threat; it may demise the potential of agriculture. In recent years natural calamities such as land erosions are becoming common (and unbearable) phenomena in most parts of rural Ethiopia while inflation has put an immeasurable financial stress upon the people in urban areas. 

 However, Ethiopia is a country with solid natural resources to stabilize agricultural sustainability in the Horn of Africa if it pursues dependable polices related to environmental conduciveness and agriculture. The fact that Ethiopia’s economy has grown in double digits for the past decade helps a lot too. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi maintains a smart foreign policy that helps Ethiopia to maximize its benefits in attracting FDI. At a USD 5-10 a day, the country’s labor market is one of the cheapest in the world; its vast and organic fertile land minimizes the cost of fertilizer and leads to productivity of organic cash crop and agricultural productions; and the heavenly weather in most parts of the country continues to supply water from the highlands.

 However, being naturally endowed with plenty of blessings should not come at the expense of an increased growth in infrastructure.  Ease of access to transport, qualified technical and non-tech human resource, sustainable transport such as railway and a consistent electric supply along with alternative sources of energy such wind mills and solar will enhance the capacity and capital gain for investors. Parallel competition in agriculture and business is worthwhile. With a few changes left and right, Ethiopia is the best gateway to Africa.

 Dr. Sreepada Hegde

Madawalabu University


Women at the top

Dear Editor,

I had again the opportunity to read your very recent issue of Addis Standard Magazine. I really appreciate your timely and “to the point” articles in the publication. However, the respected City Talk Columnist Ashenafi Zedebub, forgot to mention the State of Israel which has female generals commanding the armed forces.  On the other hand, he is absolutely right that up to this time we have not heard of a lady holding a position as “Minister of National Defense”. I myself as a person advocating for the equal rights of women versus men would really appreciate to see my sisters occupying such a decisive post in my country.

Ahmed Hassen Aba-Jobir

Hawassa University

 Of your good magazine

 Dear Editor,

 I am writing this to express my heartfelt appreciation to your magazine.  I found your magazine to a magnificent magazine and a timely medium, especially for those expatriates who are residing here in Ethiopia and for those who want to update themselves for fresh information.

Also, allow me to extend my appreciation to the City Talk columnist Ashenafi Zedebub for his eagle-eyed creativity and for the interesting issues he is regularly picking up for discussion.  What else guys! I wish you all the bests.

 Getachew Bellete

President of Ethiopian Writers Association

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