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New Nile Petroleum Company Headquarters in Ethiopia

Nile petroleum Company announced that new headquarters of the company will be inaugurated soon in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.
The placement of the headquarters for the leading petroleum company indicates that the company is keen on benefiting from the Ethiopian market and marketing its petroleum products in the Horn of Africa.
“The idea of opening a branch for Nile petroleum in Addis Ababa refers back to 2005,” said Manager of Nile Petroleum Company-Addis Ababa, Eng. Mohammad Azhari.
According to Azhari, the shopping center owned by the Nile Petroleum Company in Addis Ababa is considered one of the largest centers in the continent.
Azhari also told Sudan Vision that Nile Petroleum ranked as the fourth biggest petroleum company in Ethiopia.
“Our company is the only one that produces ethanol in Africa,” said Azhari.
He added a product has been developed called, Nile Ultra-Ten, which consists 90 percent of benzene and 10 percent of ethanol.

Nile petroleum  Azhari clarified that around 90 percent of benzene consumed in Ethiopia comes from Sudan – namely from Shajara Repository – pointing out that the total monthly amount loaded to Ethiopia totals 16,000 tonnes of benzene.
He said that the company has twelve petrol stations in Ethiopia, announcing that it is preparing to construct 24 more stations in different parts of Ethiopia.
Azhari asserted that the Nile Petroleum Company is providing cement, ceramic and textile factories with fuel.
He announced that he has met with the Ethiopian Investment Minister to investigate the appropriate approaches to facilitate Sudanese investment in Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian minister disclosed that Sudanese investment in Ethiopia totals $3.5 billion.



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