Technical Committee on formation of Interim South West State approved

An 18-member Technical Committee on the Formation of Interim South West Administration has been approved at a ceremony held in Mogadishu. The President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of Parliament r all attended the ceremony along with figures from south western Somali regions. A press release from the office of the Prime Minister said the formation of the technical committee is an important first step towards the implementation of the agreement reached by the opposing sides in south western Somali region.

Speaking after the formation of the new technical committee, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud hailed the formation of the new committee as an important milestone towards achieving democratic and federal Somalia. Meanwhile, Speaker Professor Mohamed Osman Jawari said the formation of the technical committee represents the foundation of the formation of an interim administration in south western Somali regions. He hoped the technical committee would steer the process of forming an inclusive interim administration.  Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed pledged full support from the government for the process of forming an inclusive interim administration representing all sides in South Western Somali regions.                                                                 He said “This process is critical to the advancement of federalism in our country and the formation of Federal Somali States in the country” The committee, whose members were selected based on the principle of inclusive politics and with careful consideration of the individual capacities of the members, will be supported by a team of Cabinet members under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

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